How I Learned to Share My Faith

I had the chance to share my salvation testimony on the YouTube Channel Christian Apologist.

There were six of us who shared our testimony and I was encouraged to hear the others share. When it was my turn, along with sharing my testimony, I also shared opportunities I had been given to share my faith with others. (The video below is set to start at my testimony which is exactly ten minutes. If you have time to watch the others, that would be great, too!)


Sharing Jesus with others did not always come easy to me, but it got easier the more I practiced it. I used to be so worried that I would mess it up and say something wrong. But the Lord has shown me that it is not my words that bring someone to faith in Christ. It is the Lord who draws a person to Himself. My job is to take the opportunity to share Christ. God will do the work in the person’s life. That leaves me free to obey the best I can since the work of salvation is not up to me.

Here is what I’ve learned about how to share my faith:

Teach the Bible to Children

When I was a teenager I worked at Victory Valley Camp, the Bible Fellowship Church’s summer camp for kids. There I was trained to teach the Bible to kids.

I also was able to teach Sunday School and other children’s programs at church starting at a young age and I still do today.

How does teaching kids prepare me to share my faith? First of all, teaching kids IS sharing my faith. So many Christians¬†come to Jesus when they are a child. There is nothing like the joy on a child’s face when they understand something about the Lord!

Also, telling children about Jesus forces you to give simple, easy answers. Those same simple explanations can be used for adults, too. Sometimes we think we need to share complicated answers, but that is not the case. The truth, simply stated, is powerful. Kids aren’t looking for a theological treatise. And really, neither are adults most of the time.

If you are not the teacher type, perhaps you could be a helper in a children’s classroom so you can hear how the teacher explains Jesus simply.

Discipling One-on-One

Throughout the years I have had several friends or acquaintances express that they did not know much about the Bible but they wish they did. I asked them to come over so we could study it together. We didn’t use a workbook or curriculum. A couple times I tried that, but it seemed to squash questions that the person had, so instead, we would just pick a short Bible book to read through together. I like to start with Philippians¬†because it is short and because chapter 2 has a thorough gospel message. Plus Philippians is not complicated and has an upbeat and encouraging tone.

If your friend asks a question you don’t know the answer to, just say “I don’t know. I’ll find out.” Then you can look it up in the Bible or ask someone who knows the Bible well. Discipling others is a good challenge to your own faith, too, since you will probably be asked about a point of doctrine you haven’t thought of in awhile and you will be challenged to explain it!

share my faith

Spend Time with People of Other Faiths or No Faith at All

My children’s public school is across the street from a mosque which has a private school. There is a playground in between the two schools. On nice days, moms who had picked up their kids from both schools would take the kids to the playground. I went out of my way to talk to the Islamic moms. I just started with a hello and asking about their kids. Often times the conversation went no further, but other times we had a conversation about our faith.

I’ve also had opportunity to spend time with moms who grew up going to church, but were not saved mostly through a MOMS Club and through meeting parents at my kids’ pubic school.

It’s interesting. Before I started to share my faith freely, the issues I thought would be hang-ups for an unbeliever are not a concern to them. For example, the unbelievers I have talked to are not concerned about evolution vs. creation. But they are concerned about who they are in God’s eyes and what God thinks of them. What will happen to them when they die? Are they good enough for God? Those are questions I can answer not just from Scripture, but in sharing how God has worked in my own life to show me who I am in Him.

Be bold in sharing your faith. If you don’t know any unbelievers, get out there and meet someone! Don’t worry about using the perfect words. Just start a conversation and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide your words. He is the one who does the work in the person’s life. It’s not up to you. Just be faithful to obey when He gives you opportunity to share.

What about you? How has the Lord given you a chance to share your faith in Jesus Christ? Please comment below. 




  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I work at a small pharmacy. People often share their struggles when they pick up their medications. I find a good opening is to say I will pray for them as they leave the pharmacy (I have prayed aloud with some, but that is often not possible–). It often opens a conversation about our faith and some have left with tears in their eyes to think they are being prayed for. It is just a beginning and it helps, of course, that the owner and other employees are believers too.


  2. It is really interesting how, once we can get over our fear enough to actually talk to people, we find it’s not so big and scary after all! They are humans, too, and sometimes what is standing in the way between them and God is just fear or confusion about one thing. Like how you said the issues you thought people would have weren’t really the most common ones. How interesting is that?

    Thanks for sharing, Rachel!


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