Read the New Testament Grouped by Author, BONUS: Free Bible Reading Plan

Reading the New Testament grouped by author can give you a fresh perspective on God’s word.

For example, John was one of Jesus’ disciples. After following Jesus during His time on earth, John wrote down his memories and reflections in the Gospel of John. John emphasized love, light, and life in his gospel.

Later he wrote three letters which are 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John. The themes of love, light, and life continue in those three letters.

John also wrote the book of Revelation. When John was exiled to the island of Patmos, God showed him what was, what is, and what was yet to come.

You may be intimidated by the book of Revelation because of the future events and how hard it is to understand the timeline of future events.

Knowing that John wrote Revelation and that John emphasized love, light, and life in his writings gives you something to look for when you read Revelation that has nothing to do with figuring out future events. You can learn a lot by reading Revelation focusing on love, light, and life.

Try it.

There are other themes in the New Testament to discover when you read it grouped by author.

To help you with this challenge, I have created a free printable New Testament Authors Bible Reading Plan. 

NT authors pinterest graphic (2)


You can get your printable PDF by entering your email here.

One more thing.

I also challenge you to read each of the New Testament Bible books in one sitting. Reading the books of the Bible in one sitting lets you see the big picture and the themes and the emphasis of each book.

There is definitely a time and a place for deep study for small portions of Scripture, but if you’ve never tried one book in one sitting, I challenge you to try it while you are reading through the New Testament Authors Reading Plan.

When you have read through the reading plan, please comment below or on our Facebook page to share what insights you have learned from God’s word. 

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